Micro belt bag strap length

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  1. Hi all, I went to the store and fell in love with the micro belt. The long strap was perfect for me, both on the shoulder and crossbody, even though it is not adjustable.

    A few days later I saw a black micro belt on Fashionphile and purchased it without thinking! It came today but I think the previous owner put the strap of a Mini belt with it. It’s terribly short when I try to wear the bag Crossbody. :sad:.

    The strap I received with the bag is from about 38.5” tip of clip to tip of clip. It’s hard to measure precisely since one end of the clip is attached to the Fashionphile tag on the bag, so I can’t take it off and lay it flat.

    Can anyone confirm that 38.5” is the length of a Mini belt strap (which I understand is for shoulder use only)? Or, if someone could measure the strap length of their Micro belt, I could compare. I’d really appreciate it! Thank you so much.

    I’m really bummed that the strap isn’t the right one that goes with this bag! Maybe that’s why it was so underpriced.
  2. My micro belt strap is about 44 inches from tip to tip. That’s really unfortunate to hear.
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    My mini belt strap is 77,5 cm which is about 30,5 inches i guess. Weird that yours is longer then on my mini, but shorter then sporkyforkys micro... (i just bought my mini a few days ago...)
  4. Thank you **so** much for responding. That *is* very weird that mine is in between! The bag itself is pristine, but I knew something was off when I pulled the strap out and attached it.

    I can’t think of another reason why the strap is wrong, unless the bag is not authentic. :sad: I will definitely be sending it back. I’ll post the Fashionphile Item Number here in this thread when I do. (In case any other member was going to buy it. Don’t!!) Thanks again, I’m so disappointed. :sad:
  5. That is pretty strange! I bought mine a few weeks ago straight from a boutique so it’s definitely the strap length. Safe to say that is not the micro belt strap. Good luck to you on finding your beautiful belt bag!
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  6. I have two micro belts, both bought from a Celine boutique and the straps are both exactly 43” in length. I have also a mini belt also from a boutique and the strap length is 30.25”
  7. Thank you so much for the confirmation. I’m definitely returning this bag. I really appreciate your taking the time to measure your straps!
  8. Hi All, just to close this loop for whoever is interested.....I'm sending this back today. I re-measured the strap to re-confirm it is the INcorrect length at 38". The drop is only 18", not 20.5" as it says in the listing.

    The Item number is 291474. I will write them a note telling them of the issue. But if they list it again, don't buy this bag! Unless you are okay with the wrong strap length. I am 5'5" and I cannot crossbody this bag AT ALL. It defeats the purpose of the micro belt size, in my opinion.
  9. Thanks for the update. I’m so glad you tried it on in store first! You think people who make fakes would try to get the strap length correct.
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