Micro bags: YES, please or OUT, please?


Dec 3, 2014
OUT, please!!

I adore teeny weeny bags hanging from their "lifesize" counterparts (I carry my medium Chanel flap bag with a teeny Chanel flap that only fits a box of cigarettes in it), but I'm tired of micro bags being carried on their own.

It's starting to look like people outgrew their bags. I say hang them on their "parent" bag or any regular sized bag and lets move on to the next trend.

What do you guys think?


Jun 17, 2011
Never been a fan. Medium sized handbags are the smallest I like for everyday. I have a couple of small bags (but not tiny!) which still fit wallet, keys, mobile, etc. for special occasions (e.g. a gold Mulberry lily I only really wear to parties and weddings.
Jan 13, 2015
I suppose the advantage of being petite they are not that small on me but i just cannot get on board, they seem like wristlets on steroids which is fine if you like to carry light but for crying out loud your paying full size bag prices.. that makes no sense to me.

Then again though, it's all personal, so i don't knock those who choose them just those are my reasons for not doing so. ;)


Sep 3, 2013
I love them. Being petite, normal mini bags (Mini Antigona-sized) look like regular bags on me rather than the carefree option they ought to be. I look like a kid carrying her mother's bag if I try carrying a medium-sized bag. Factor in back problems and I need something tiny.

I do think they're a bit ubiquitous now and many poorly done, but would like some options to remain. During the big bag trend, I couldn't find anything that suited me.


Aug 15, 2014
Clutch wallets on chains is as "micro" as I go.
Trend or not, photos of women wearing 3 or 5 different bags, layering micros with totes & such--ridiculous, imo.
If I was going for pack mule effect, why buy designer bags?
Will stick to my 1 big bag. Even though people say, "That looks so huge on you!" sometimes.
Big bags hurt more, when someone annoying gets smacked with them. Minis don't even bruise. ;)


Nov 12, 2015
I agree some of the mini bags look a little out of scale and like doll's purses. I have a mini RM Love and I nearly returned it for that reason, but ended up keeping it due to the below PRO Mini list (and because it's pretty enough to go with a formal business attire and small enough not to be a total nuisance while I'm trying to socialize and do my business).

PRO Mini
1.) I'm not a city dweller (drive my car everywhere I go) and I don't need to carry much with me.
2.) I work in a male dominated industry and prefer my bag to be very discreet (for business dinners), just enough room to store my keys, business cards, two cell phones and maybe a lipstick. I never carry a purse to meetings or day functions because I think it's unprofessional in my line of work. I use a briefcase for day.
3.) I don't like the way larger purses look on me.

1.) Not enough room to haul my husband's things for him on the weekends when we go out. Maybe I will get him a Mini Murse.