Micralite Toro stroller - anyone seen it?

  1. So, just when I think I'm all settled on the Orbit with a Inglesina Zippy as a backup runaround stroller, I come across the Micralite Toro on a blog. It looks pretty cool. Has anyone seen it/tried it in person?
  2. These are my thoughts from a stroller-aholic. Get ONE stroller you love now and don't worry about a backup now. Your needs will change as your child grows. PLUS, you don't know what sort of rider your child will be. Honestly, in the beginning, you might be carrying as much as pushing (babies LOVE to be carried).

    I found that for infants what I needed was different from what my older baby needed and it's even different again with an older toddler.

    AND... IMO, a zippy and an orbit are overkill/too similar. You would never use one. Same goes for the Toro. I've seen them in stores, not used them as they came out when my toddler (2.5 years old) is too big (too tall) for it, but I owned the micralite fastfold which is the BEST travel stroller)

    Get your orbit or zippy or Toro - just one of these and then see how it goes. My baby LOVED to see me until very recently, so I really NEEDED rear facing stroller for YEARS. Some kids don't care about that, so it's an expense you don't need (and added weight to the stroller too). Later, you will probably want something like a swivel wheel jogger when you get to toddler age, but you won't know.

    But, that's just my two cents! LOL
  3. Thanks! I love the Orbit as an infant stroller, due to the car seat setup, so I think I'll go with that as primary stroller, and keep the others in mind for later. I had sort of thought that the Toro looked potentially better as a toddler stroller than it does as an infant one. My one qualm is that we're talking about a Paris/Moscow trip when baby is about 4 mos. old, so we may want the Inglesina or something really easy for that trip, which was part of the appeal of the Toro. The Orbit on a domestic flight seems fine, but on a multi-country international trip, I'm not so sure about something that folds better when dismantled. But, we have about 7 mo. before I need to worry, so I might as well wait to see what baby likes and how big he is!