Micki's Collection

  1. After six attempts at uploading...Here it is! :smile:




    Louis Vuitton

    Chloe :heart:

  2. Very nice!
  3. Thanks LV&Lexus! :smile:

    There are a couple of purses that I want, but I think that my next step is to get the strap on my Mini Looping replaced. I HATE the way it patinized. I love the purse (perfect for nights out and such), but hate the strap.
  4. Nice Collection and the Chloe Bags are so beautiful and I love your Coach Shoes they are so sweet :love:
  5. The Coach flats are super cute! The bags are nice too ;)!
  6. OHHHH I love your edith!!
  7. Nice collection- love the Paddy and LVs!
  8. Nice collection. I love the patina on the LV!
  9. That's an awesome collection- thanks for sharing!
  10. Lovely Ergo!!!

    Great patina on the Mini Looping and that black Chloe Paddy leaves me breathless... :love:
  11. Love your cream Chloe! Thanks for sharing!
  12. I need to hang out in the LV forum. That's a good patina on the looping?

    Thanks for the compliments. I am gathering strength to take pictures of the scarves, sunglasses and jewelry. ;)
  13. Love the Coach ! :graucho:
  14. Nice collection.
  15. Great collection, I like your Ergo and the LV Speedy!