Mickey saddle bag to disney world?


Nov 15, 2011
Its glove tanned leather both inside and out. Would you do it knowing how much it rains plus possible scratches from rides ?


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Dec 18, 2009
What color is it? The darker colors are more forgiving. I don't have a Mickey Bag but I do have a number of classic Coach bags and I have found them to be very tough and resilient. Does your bag have a stiff, shiny finish or is it soft and flexible? The stiff, shiny finish tends to scratch more easily.

If I had a Mickey bag I would want to use it at Disney World, but then I wouldn't want to be worried about it all the time, either. I learned how to use and enjoy my bags - but also protect them - when I was taking crowded public transportation and walking to work in all kinds of weather.

I always protect my bags by spraying them with Apple Rain Garde. I also take the precaution of carrying, a lightweight plastic bag with me. If the weather suddenly turns bad I can pull out the plastic bag and shove my beloved Coach bag into it. I carry a large, plastic drawstring shopping bag from the Nike Outlet. I lay it out flat, smooth it out, and then fold it up into a small square. It doesn't take up much room and it has come in handy.

I don't know how big or heavy your Mickey bag is, but walking around Disney World all day can get very tiring and sometimes the classic leather bags can get a bit heavy. I would want to carry a light-weight, hands-free comfortable bag and keep the contents to a minimum during an all-day outing. I only have 2 signature fabric Coach bags but they are perfect for an all-day activity and they are crossbody so I can wear them hands-free. I also have a small, leather crossbody swingpack with a built-in wallet that I use when I only want to carry a few things with me.

You might consider saving the Mickey Saddle Bag for going out to dinner or similar activities while you are in the Orlando area and use a light-weight and less precious bag for trips to the theme parks.

Ask yourself these questions "How sad will I feel if I don't carry Mickey at Disney World?" and "How bad will I feel if my Mickey Bag gets stained or scratched?" The answers to those questions should help you to make up your mind; have fun!
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Jan 10, 2015
I usually visit Disney world in the summer, so I prefer a lightweight nylon bag (one of my Longchamps). All leather bags and the Florida sun are not a good mix for me. I would use it for browsing Disney Springs or resort hopping, but not for extended time in the parks. Also you mentioned the rain and scratches. I wouldn't want to have to worry about taking care of my bag during vacation.


Aug 31, 2014
Huntington Beach, CA
I have not been to Disney World and I have the angry mickey crossbody (I'll attach a photo) so I'm not sure if this will help. I went to Disneyland on the day it was raining like crazy here and my bag held up fine. I was on and off rides and I didn't see any new scratches (it had a small scratch on it before so I wasn't too worried about other marks).

Personally I like using a bag without worrying so I might go with a different bag if I were you. That way you can vacation without worry.