Mickael Kors or Marc Jacobs bag? Help!!!

  1. Which bag looks better to you:

    Michael by Michael Kors


    Marc by Marc Jacobs?

    They're both around the same size, shape and price. I love them both...but I only need one black bag!
  2. Ohhh, I saw the Kors bag at Von Maur and loved it! I've also got the Marc bowler in yam and love it too, but I think the Marc bag is a tad bit more casual looking than the Kors bag. They both look great, but I guess it just depends. Do you need one to use for work and weekends or something more casual?

    I work at night and usually don't "dress up" often, so I went with the Marc bowler.
  3. Hello, Buttery! I have two bags by Michael, and I wear them all the time. One is from the Narragansett (sp) Collection, and I can't remember the name of the other bag, but I can tell you that you will not be disappointed at all with anything by Michael Kors. I usually wear either of them when I am going to work and they have held up for several years now without looking worn at all. The leather is amazing on all of his bags, really. I am very sure that Marc bags are wonderful, too, but I don't own one, so I don't know. I love the look of both of the ones that you chose, though.
  4. Between these two bags, the leather of Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is softer.
    Check out pictures of Mellow_yello_jen's dark brown Bowler.

    Michael by Michael Kors bag reminds me of YSL's Muse.
  5. I prefer the Marc Jacobs bag, I like the look better and I like the extra pockets on the outside.
  6. Generally speaking, I think MJ bags are classier.

  7. Maxie...I was looking at the Marc bowler in Yam but couldn't decide if I liked that color or not. It doesn't help that it looks different on every website either. On Zappos it looks more orangy, but I saw it on another site and it looked more brown? :shrugs: Could you post a pic of it by any chance? :idea:
    Or tell me if the Zappos photo is true to color: Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags Totally Turnlock Bowler (Yam) - Marc by Marc Jacobs Women's Handbags
    Thanks a bunch!

    Buttery...I love them both but the Marc definitely looks a little more casual.
  8. I :heart: the Marc Jacobs!:love:
    The Michael Kors reminds me of the YSL Muse. :cursing:
  9. hmmmm, i think i like the marc jacobs one better!
  10. I've see the MK saratoga IRL and it's not that impressive IRL
  11. I agree. The MJ looks more original. MKors really needs to get a new handbag designer. Some of his stuff is great and original (I have one that I love), and the rest are just ordinary. He needs to build more consistency in those designs.
  12. KOrs!
  13. MJ, I like the shape better and the fact that it has outer pockets.
  14. I like the marc by marc jacobs bowler more.
  15. IMO: Marc Jacobs!!