Mick has a heart of gold!

  1. I came home to these beautiful orchids and box of Godiva truffles this evening:


    They were sent by Mick and I have the biggest lump in my throat right now. I am truly speechless (not an easy feat for the Shoo). What a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do. Thank you so very much Mick! They have definitely brightened up what was otherwise a pretty dismal week!
    Love you! Love this community!
  2. very nice!
  3. aww... that's so sweet! hope you're feeling better~
  4. Oh, how sweet! Shoo, this just tells you how much you're loved around here. Mick, you're the best!
  5. Glad to hear you are home. What a lovely surprise! When you're not here, we miss you more than you know, so get well and stay that way;).
  6. Beautiful flowers!! What a sweet thing to do! Glad you are better, Shoo, stay healthy!!
  7. That's awesome! What a wonderful surprise to come home to :heart:
  8. Orchids and Tulips are my favorites (hahaha, like they were given to me). Those are gorgeous!
  9. So pleased to find out you're home Shoo. Wonderful gifts to come home to.
  10. beautiful I adore orchids and those are stunning!
  11. That's very sweet of Mick... the ochids are so beautiful.

    Are you feeling better now?
  12. awwwww Mick is an angel!! i cant say enough about her!! she is so sweet and loving and caring to the extreme!! she sent me a pm comforting me while i am griefing my brother whom passed away a little more than two weeks ago. i just couldnt thank her enough for her kindness and sweetness *hugs*.. a true angel indeed :heart: i bet her beloved ones are so blessed to have her around. bless them all.
    bagnshoofetish hope ur feeling better sweetie :flowers:

    Sooo glad to hear u r home..hope u r feeling better..we have all missed u and been thinking of u girl!
  14. Mick is so sweet! So glad you're home and feeling better :smile:
  15. So glad to hear you are feeling better!!!

    Mick that is such an amazing gesture!!!!!!!! :girlsigh: