mick & chris leather bags?

  1. is anyone familiar with the price of Mike & Chris leather bags?? i saw one on another website and i'm loving it. i'm so into the big slouchy leather bag thing these days :angel: anyways, i really like this one but there's no price listed on the site yet. do any of you girls know the approximate price of leather bags from M&C?
    and how is the quality of the leather?

    here's a pic of the one i'm eyeing :heart:

  2. Hello! I saw this bag at the Barneys Coop store and fell in love with it! It's called the "Boris" bag and I think it retails for $825. I really didn't think the price was all that bad. The leather is really soft and the bag is quite slouchy. I too love big slouchy bags! What clolor are you looking to buy?:yes:
  3. wow, i love this bag. totally my style!!
  4. I LOVE that bag!! I've never heard of mick & chris before, but now I need to do some investigation!
  5. Go to Mike&Chris.com to find stores in your state and hopefully near you.
  6. i LOVE their hoodies... been wanting a leather jacket too.

    i believe some mike & chris merchandise (not sure about this particular bag) is available at revolveclothing.com
  7. Fantastic-looking bags.
  8. that's a beautiful bag...i love the styling of that photo.
  9. That bag is gorgeous, I never heard of the designer, though.
  10. You are right! Revolveclothing.com carries Mike & Chris, but unfortunately they don't carry this style. :sad: