Michiganders! Hermes Day at N-M Troy, Thursday October 19!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. From 10am - 4pm! You know where!!!!

    Added bonus? It's a double points day!!
  2. Oh no...I have to work that day :sad:
  3. Great day...leave work for a tiny bit Jag...they are slave drivers anyway!!!
  4. Ah well, jag, it's not quite as exciting as I thought. I called Lois to see what it was about (I had noticed it on the neimanmarcus.com website) and it turns out that it's just a lot of scarf-tying demonstrations and a grander display of the watches.

    I was hoping for a glimpse of something new and exciting (the Lindy perhaps?) or a few Birkins available for sale. But it doesn't sound as if that's to be.

    I'll still probably stop by as there's a Karo with my name on it in the back room along with something special put aside for me in fine jewelry. w00t! Remember, it's the first of three double points days too!
  5. I am so bummed I cannot go. Would love to meet you there and see your new Karo! (and the jewels of course)! When are the other double points days? We must meet up!
  6. We will meet up! There are three double points days next week: October 19, 20, and 21. I'm not sure if there will be any others before Christmas, but sometimes there is a surprise day with short notice.

    Right now my schedule is pretty awful. My mother's treatments are at 1 pm every day and often I don't get home until 4 pm, so I need to leave Troy by 11:30am if I'm out there. But treatments will be done in a few weeks, and I hope to be more flexible then.

    I will take pictures of the Karo along with the other goodies in my bag :smile:
    Oh, and no jewels - just a watch I've been eyeing for a long time!
  7. is this the onlyNm that sales Hermes? is there anything on the website?
  8. Coconut- weekends are better for me usually or Fridays! I am dying to finally meet you! PM me when you get some dates in mind, and we can set it up! We need to grab lovehermes as well! She is a doll!

    Dentalfloss! There are 1 or 2 other NM's that sell Hermes. But for the life of me I cannot remember which ones. As soon as I think of it, I will post it.
  9. Question about Hermes in NM. Is the merchandise bought by NM or does it still belong to Hermes (i.e. they are just renting the space)??? I was wondering what happens to the RTW that does not sell, does it go on sale in NM or is it sent back to Hermes. Do you all know?
  10. coco-nut...what time might you be at NM? I can't be there in the mornings since I take my niece to music class...maybe in the afternoon? I do have a project due that evening...I'll try.
  11. I'm afraid I am planning to be there just as they open. I need to get my mother to radiation treatment at 1pm in Ann Arbor, and with M-14 down to one lane, I need to be out of Troy by 11:30.

    The good news is that she only has two more weeks of treatments! So in two weeks I'll be a free woman again! We'll make a date for shortly afterwards :smile:
  12. I'm tempted to go but I know I just couldn't swing it right now with work and my MIL in town and planning the house addition.
  13. You can always call your order in! I'll be there first thing Thursday morning, and I'll post a report around 4pm - after I get home from taking my mother to her treatment. If there's something in particular you're really looking for, PM me your phone number and I'll give you a buzz from my cell phone at the store :smile:
  14. Oooh have fun girls! This is the store where my plume came from!!!
  15. do they sell lots of birkins or kellys from Hermes at NM stores? i'm just curious, is there a city where there's a freestanding H store and a H store inside NM? do they take SO too?