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  1. Is anyone going to the Nordstrom Grand Opening Gala at Twelve Oaks next week? Has anyone been to one before? What was it like? :smile:
  2. Is it sad that I was thinking of taking the day off to go? :yes:

    I've never been to a grand opening, but think I'll wait until next year when Partridge Creek opens - it's more convenient for me.

    Check the website out: Twelve Oaks

    The store opens at 10 but they have makeup specials starting at 8:30.
  3. You don't need to take off (unless you work at night), it starts Wed. from 6pm-10pm.
    Edit- I just realized you don't mean the cocktail party.
  4. Oh yeah...for a Nordstrom that I don't think is going to be much better than Somerset, I'll skip the $100 tix :p
  5. Where is twelve oaks as I am bored out of my mind and if it's close I might go. I am not a from MI, but will be here for 3 weeks for work. Totally off topic, but it's SO cold here!!! It was upper 90's when I left SC! I am such a wimp.
  6. Where are you staying? Twelve Oaks is in Novi (close to Livonia, Northville, Farmington Hills and about 30 minutes from downtown Detroit). You will need to RSVP by this Friday. The phone number is 313-576-5590. It's $100, but all proceeds benefit the Detroit Symphany Orchestra. Cocktail attire. It starts at 7:00 and ends at 10:00 with runway fashion shows at 8 & 9 pm. Dinner and dessert buffets, live entertainment. Complimentary valet parking on the north side of the store. Mind you, I'm just copying this from the invite I received.
    If you decide to go let me know and maybe we can meet up for a drink there (or not if that would make you uncomfortable). My husband is joining me.
    Oops! Had to add, if you think this is cold, I'd vacate ASAP if I were you.
  7. Okay, originally I thought it started at 6, but it does start at 7pm, as last post states.
  8. ooh I didn't realize you were going to the opening gala, aprilvalentine! I'm sure they won't be carrying Chanel (or any high-end bags, for that matter) but I love their clothing departments :heart: