Michigan PF'ers! Thoughts on Ann Arbor?

  1. FH and I moved to the Dayton, OH area last year...and we both HATE it. There are few job opportunities here for Mr. Crackers, and Ohio drivers are terrifying (no offense Vlad and Megs!), which makes me very unhappy since I have a 30-40 min commute every morning to work.

    FH is looking at a few companies in Ann Arbor, Michigan right now. From what I can see, it looks like a nice place, not too big. The U of M looks pretty expensive compared to what I'm paying now, which is a downside. The crime rating is soooooo much better than Dayton.

    Do any of you live in Ann Arbor, or nearby? Are there any other schools besides UM? What are the rental costs like? Any public transportation? Just trying to get an idea. TIA!
  2. I am a student at U of M. It is expensive but I think it is certainly worth it! I love AA, it's a nice place to live! PM me if you have any other questions!!
  3. Husband and I are U of M grads and big fans of Ann Arbor. We live in the suburbs of Detroit about 40 miles away. We go to Ann Arbor all of the time for games and just to hang out. It is a great town. There are a lot of buses around town. Rent is a bit more pricey than other neighboring areas.

    Also near Ann Arbor is Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. Lots of Eastern students also live in Ann Arbor or live in Ypsi which is a bit cheaper.
  4. If you think Ohio drivers are terrifying, you won't think any better of Michigan ones! I live just on this side of the Michgan line and go up to Detroit and Ann Arbor all the time. I'm from KY, so I'm not biased here on the driving, but the MI folk scare the crap out of me compared to the OH. I've lived in Italy and NYC too (with some other of the scariest drivers). After the ramble-----It's a great area up there. There's a dueling piano bar in Ypsilanti we've been to a few times, too. Ann Arbor is also great if you're into art at all.
  5. Former Michigan resident here ... I lived there from when I was about 4 to 28. I went to Michigan State. It may be a bit cheaper there. I don't know how much things have changed in the past 10+ years but from what I can remember, East Lansing is a bit better than Lansing (closer to the university is better). A neighboring town called Haslett was pretty decent too.

    I'm not sure how those towns are faring from an economic perspective though, given the downturn with the auto industry. I've been gone for quite a while and my parents are retired in Bloomfield Hills so I don't have much more info than that.

    Forget about public transportation, as long as the auto companies dominate there will be none that are a viable option to driving anywhere.
  6. Lansing has a world-class bus transportation system. I'm a student at Michigan State and I'd say that Ann Arbor is a lot nicer place to live than East Lansing. EL is a hardcore student town and town/gown relationships are real bad here. 70% of the residents are students and the other 30% are permanent residents. The townies hate the students and the students have a tendency to riot in response.

    With Ann Arbor there is a much larger permanent resident population. It's got a lot more of a "town" feel to it. With East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett or other Lansing suburbs you're not going to have a 'town' feel with blocks of shops, restaurants etc. You have to drive (or take the bus) every where. In AA you can walk almost every where.

    Even though I'm probably a traitor for saying this Ann Arbor is a MUCH better place to live than any where around Lansing.
  7. I've never been, but heard it's a GREAT college town. U of M. is a stellar university, one of the best publics in the nation...I think u.s. news or some mag rated it one of the best places to live! Good luck.:smile:
  8. Yikes, I guess things HAVE changed quite a bit since I went to school there! I haven't been there since I graduated in 1990, sorry to hear of the changes, they don't sound very good!
  9. We stayed in Perrysburg last time we were in Toledo, its such a cute little town :heart:. Sorry to hijack the thread lol.

    On another note-Ohio drivers arent scarey at all compared to Vegas and Cali drivers!
  10. I'm from Northeast Michigan, love it up here, but I love the AA life!!!! (hahaa, that sounds fuuny.) seriously, AA is a sweet little cultural town. if you're into arts, you're into Ann Arbor. If you're into food, you're into Ann Arbor. if you're into learning about culture, you're into Ann Arbor. it's awesome.

    AA is way nicer than East Lansing or Lansing. U of M does cost quite a bit more than MSU though. Eastern is a less expensive but almost equal in education option - my best friend's sister went to Eastern and had the time of her life - and got an awesome job afterwards.

    Downside, it's about one-two hours (depending traffic) to Troy, where Somerset is, the nicest upscale mall in Michigan. but downtown AA has lots of unique shops too.

    keep us updated on your decision!?
  11. I'm from the metro Detroit area and I went to MSU, but I always say if I were to move back I'd choose Ann Arbor. It's a really nice area.
  12. Oh, yes. I am into food.:nuts:

    So, it sounds like it's a nice area! Thanks for all the replies.

    And if Michigan drivers are as bad as Ohio drivers, is the traffic at least better? I'm not looking to drive crowded highways to work everyday. I guess sometimes that's hard to avoid though, huh?
  13. Michigan drivers can be scary too, especially at rush hour! It's not uncommon for me to be at a standstill on the interstate due to the omnipresent road construction. Traffic is pretty bad since people depend heavily on their cars.
  14. Oh I just saw Ann Arbor on House Hunters last night! It looked so nice!
  15. I drove through once on the way to Detroit....but as an archenemy of UofM I'm not an Ann Arbor fan HEEHEE
    Not that where I live (awful South Bend) is any better LOL