Michigan Meet!

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  1. Looking for a group of people to get together and take a trip down to somerset for some shopping, just let me know what days work best! We could grab lunch and then do a little shopping..
  2. That would be so much fun! DH and I were just there last weekend and it snowed so hard we had to get a room and stay over (we live over near Lake Mi) If it's enough in advance so I can plan I would love to meet up.
  3. How about we go sometime in March-April? The weather will be better (hopefully, it is Michigan), so we are able to enjoy the day and not worry about bad weather.
  4. Sounds great to me! We have a GC for a free nights stay at a cute little lodge on a lake just north of where Sommerset is so that will work out perfect.
  5. I live just 10-15 minutes away from Somerset, so I'll try to check in on this thread periodically to see if any meet plans have been made! :smile:
  6. I live in West Michigan but DH and I are always talking about visiting Somerset. I haven't been there in years! I will try and stay in touch. The weather had better turn soon. I had a pedicure last weekend on Saturday and then it snowed on Sunday! Agh!
  7. I'm right across the border in Ohio so I'm up for a meet if I can get a day off
  8. I love somerset I'm there at least a couple times a month I think a meet would be fun as soon as the weather stabilizes
  9. I live near Somerset and would enjoy meeting others from TPF.
  10. Bump. I live super close to Somerset. It would be really cool to do some shopping with some fellow TPFers
  11. I'd love to meet some fellow TPFers as well! I'm in Dearborn... about 20 minutes from Somerset.

  12. Hey Rachel I'm in Kalamazoo!! I'd love to meet up sometime if your close by:smile:
  13. Who's going to Neiman's Fashion's Night Out tonight?
  14. I wanted to go but can't make it! Should be a lot of fun though- have fun!!!
  15. If anyone is planning a December meet, I will probably be there visiting my parents, and I always spend a great deal of time at Somerset ... :angel: