Michigan ladies and gentlemen!!

  1. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I'm pretty new here to the PF and so far LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's great to find such a amazing group of people to chat with who love the same thing/s.

    Anyway, I'm here in Michigan---about 20 mins. outside of Detroit and just curious how many other MI people are on this board. Would luv to hear from you!!!

    Here is a little info about me:

    -29, stay at home mom, would love to own my own business someday
    -3 1/2 yr. old son
    -Married to an AMAZING man who doesn't really understand my NEED to shop :P
    -Oct. will be a great month....turning 30 and will be our 5 yr. anniversary
    -Love to spend my days dreaming of the perfect handbag........come close a couple times but still searching
    -Love GREAT sushi
    -Love to dress my son in GREAT unique funky clothes (lucky he likes clothes as well)
    -LOVE when my son tells me he loves me cause I love him :smile:
  2. I'm kind of close...I'm in Northern indiana :smile: And welcome to the Purse Forum!
  3. I used to live in Ann Arbor and Lansing. That was quite a while ago, though. Welcome to the PF!
  4. my husband was lived in SOuthfield and went to Thomas Cooley. So it's connected sorta.
  5. Welcome! I live in West Bloomfield! There are a few other ladies from the area on the board!

    I love sushi too btw- where is your favorite sushi around town?

    And for all of you in Michigan, check out the thread on the Midwest PF Meeting in Chicago in a couple of weeks. A bunch of us are going! We are also trying to get a Somerset gathering one of these days so stay tuned!!!!
  6. I'm from WI, but I lived in East Lansing for a few years and still have many friends there.

  7. Hi emanu1016!!!

    I'm from Northeastern Michigan, 100 miles south of the Mackinaw Bridge. Beautiful area! (not such a beautiful area for shopping though... you're in a better spot for that! Troy isn't too far away right?)

    Welcome! :heart:
  8. Hi Everyone!!!

    It's great to touch base with some locals--and extended locals! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one in MI with a OBSESSIONS with lux items ;) ;)

    Jag...I'd have to say for good sushi, it's been hit or miss. I've done the usual (Little Tree, Cherry Blossom, one in Novi area in a big house--pretyt good, Sushi Cafe) and pretty much they are all pretty good I think. But I have had bad experiences as well at the same restaurant. Do you have any great tips??? Some of the best sushi I've had has been in CA or Hawaii....yummy!!!

    I wish I could attend the Chicago meeting. I love Chicago and the shopping is AMAZING! However we just returned from CA and might have the opportunity to go to China w/my husband for work. But a Somerset shopping day/meeting would be a lot of fun!! Please keep me posted!

    LeaD... Wow, your up there. I would go to Torch Lake when I was younger for the summer w/my best friend. I miss going up north. I was just thinking today as the weather becomes cooler, how great the colors will be up there in a few weeks and how I'd love to bring our 3 1/2 year old up there for the colors....sort of start our own tradition.
  9. A fall tradition would be great - something extra special for your son when he's older! I live on fifty acres and sad to say, some of the Maples have already started to turn! agh.. summer is coming to a close - but actually, I like fall the best. hahaa. Torch Lake is a nice area too. Camping spot right?
  10. Hi and welcome to the forum!
    I live in Sterling Heights , not too far from Troy:yahoo:and its attractions
  11. emanu- I usually go to Mene or Kabuki (on Orchard Lk Rd between 12 and 13 mile- best spicy tuna roll!!) but have gone everywhere pretty much. Noble Fish is supposed to be the best around- but have not made it there yet.

    We should definitely get everyone together for a Somerset gathering. Perhaps sometime in October or November???
  12. Welcome to the board!!! So happy you found us!

    I have a family who loves sushi, but I am quite allergic to fish :Push: But I love that you dress your son in funky clothes!! Post a picture sometime if you don't care- you can always take his face off too if you want :yes:

    I am in Ohio... so kind of close to Michigan! But I am a die-hard buckeye fan... so I am not supposed to like 'you all' :amuse:
  13. welcome
  14. My husband and I moved to Punta Gorda, FL 5 years ago after living in Traverse City, Michigan for most of our lives. TC would really come alive with the Cherry Festival. We miss it, but we love the all-year long boating here on the Gulf much more. I have no doubt that the leaves are turning colors right about now.
  15. I'm from the Oak Park/Royal Oak area. But right now live in Marquette, MI as I'm attending Northern Michigan U.