Michigan Ave...LV visit...

  1. Okay, Saturday I was down on Michigan Ave....wanted to know if they had the reference book in stock, since I found out they were FREE!! Well, they didn't have any in stock. So I just couldn't leave without buying SOMETHING...I am on a ban until NOW ~ 2007 and I ended up buying the keychain below. So this is the newest addition to my small LV family...it looks AWESOME with my Batignolles Horizontal!!

    Seeing that my purpose of going to the LV store on Michigan Ave was to pick up a reference catalog - I went back to Saks and sure enough there was a catalog waiting for me! Yippee!!!

    So how often do these catalogs come out?

    ops...i will have to post the keychain again...
  2. [​IMG]

    okay, above it a photo of what it looks like - pretty basic, but fuctiona.
  3. Nice. :flowers:

    Do you mind how does it cost today? tia
  4. I will be there tomorrow!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: love the key chain!!!
  5. Are you buying anything, Sunshine?
  6. It was $110.00.

    Sunshine....have fun on Michigan Ave. tomorrow!! LV is calling you!! :smile:
  7. I cant wait...I just layed out what Im going to wear...like a teenager! I will go look for sure. I just got the miroir speedy and pap. AND the Groom zippy wallet so Im not sure what else I need but I KNOW I can find something!
  8. Let us know what you find?
  9. BTW, this was my 1st purchase at an actual LV store...everything else I have purchased online at ELUX, Let-trade, luxury-shops - I had to add that, now I know what a autentic LV boutique receipt looks like, when surfing eBay. Now that I have 2 purses, 1 checkbook cover and the round coin purse - plus the keychain, I think I should have a photo session with my LV and post them....I don't have a big collection, but then again mine started only 2 months ago -not a bad start to my 2006 LV collection - HA! HA!

  10. Have fun, there's nothing better than people watching on Michigan Ave and putting your - is that authentic test to work? HA! HA! Watching people that is and figuring if their LV is authentic or not!!! FUN! FUN! FUN!

    Have fun at the LV store...tell us what you buy!!!
  11. i have the same key-chain, i use it as an extension on my pochette!!!!

    i took me some time to find out how to open the round hahahahha

  12. OMG...you're NOT kiddin' me....@ leaving the LV boutique I walked back to Saks and picked up the catalog and then thought I should pur my keys on the new keychain - sat down and for 2 mins - I was like, okay how does this thing work????????????????? I felt so :confused1: - so I said forget, I'll figure it out later....sure enough I got home and realized how to work the circle - pulling it out and moving the circle around - what a CRAZY invention indeed!!! :graucho:
  13. Thanks for the price.

    lol... You guys are lucky to buy the newer version. I had the hardest time when it first came out back in 90's. The darn thing had me in a :sweatdrop:! It only turned and click one way and if you had too many keys on it it would actually get stuck and break, due to being too heavy!:hysteric:
  14. Congratulations on your new purchase! Enjoy~
  15. Congrats, I grabbed the reference book in Saks too.
    (btw, do we have a Chicago member club in the forum?)