Michibata's bag

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  1. Hi! I know it's almost impossible but can someone recognise this bag? Jessica Michibata usually wears Chloè. Thanks

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  2. It could be new Fendi from the "classico" collection, but I'm not sure...
  3. i'm with iris, it looks like the Fendi Classico No. 1 to me:

  4. sorrie if this is a dumb question...but what does the s.v.f. mean on the tag?
  5. my guess would be heat stamped initials.
  6. #6 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    i originally thought that also...but if u look at the pics in the link below from the fall campaign they all have the S.V.F.???


    wait a minute...i just realized maybe for silvia fendi???

  7. it could be, her initials are Silvia Venturini fendi

    however thanks girls!
  8. Hi there, can anyone identify this bag??en.espnf1.com/f1/motorsport/image/55821.html?object=28587;page=1
  9. en.espnf1.com/f1/motorsport/image/55821.html?object=28587;page=1
  10. pls id this bag

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  11. Chloe
  12. thank you IrisCole :smile: