Michelle's Collection

  1. Hi everyone~

    I'm going to start posting my collection, starting off with my accessories! And if I have a chance, I'll post some pictures of my bags. :smile:

    The first picture is of my sunglasses. I have Coach Suzie Sunglasses in Tortoise, Coach Samantha Sunglasses in Onyx, and Chanels.

    More to come shortly!

  2. Just thought I'd add another picture, of the bag I've been using lately. It's a black Coach hobo. I love it!
  3. Here's a pic of most of my keyfobs.
  4. Travel goodies!

    The first one is my make-up case, and it has a little mirror inside. It's great!
    The second one is just a bit bigger to fit other things.

    They both fit well in my suitcase!
  5. All of my wristlets!

    A girl can never have too many.

    I use the top one on the left for my camera. The second one down on the left for my Ipod. The bottom one on the left for my old camera. And the others for various things.
  6. Wallets!

    I just got the one on the left. It's perfect for what I need. I love long wallets.
  7. Very nice collection, congrats!
  8. More pictures!

    1: Another picture of my Coach Grapefruit Coin Purse
    2: My favorite Coach scarf.
    3: Heart Keyfob
    4: Star Keyfob
    Pink.JPG PinkScarf.JPG HeartKeyfob.JPG StarKeyfob.jpg
  9. Thank you :smile:
  10. Here's a couple of bags that I got for my Mom and sister for Christmas, but I still get to use.
    Al.jpg MBag.jpg
  11. Here's a black tote I used to use for school, before they gave me a snazzy business bag.

    And my Coach carryall.
    BlackTote.jpg Carryall.JPG
  12. Here's my favorite little bag for going out. It came in very handy for all the weddings I went to last year!
  13. Here's a group shot of most of my bags.

    The little blue and white Coach in the middle was my first Coach bag.

    It's not the most updated picture right now, but I didn't have a chance to pull out all my bags for another picture. :smile:
  14. Love all the coach bags!
  15. Cute collection! Thanks for sharing =)