Michelle Williams

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  1. I know they have a baby girl but are they married yet??? I know they were engaged .. ANYONE KNOW :biggrin:
  2. I don't think they are married yet. I think they are terribly cute.
  3. They are...and look at her bag:


    I think it's a YSL Muse.
  4. They are married. Awww, they have a beautiful baby.
  5. according to imdb, they are not. here's what i found:

    Although Michelle refers to Heath as her husband and Heath refers to Michelle as his fiancée, the couple has not yet set a marriage date.
  6. Seems like Michelle's already one step of ahead of Heath . . .
  7. that's sort of weird
  8. I don't think so .. But who knows?

  9. Not married yet.
  10. I think they are just too cute!! While I do want them to get married and live happily ever after (lol)...it is nice seeing them not rush into marriage. It sort of reminds me of my parents...they were together for a year before having me & my two younger sisters and then waited 20 years to actually get married. To them, marriage was just a piece of paper. They actually went to Reno, NV on one New Years Eve and got married without telling us! :lol:
  11. They are not married according to some gossip sites that are "reliable".
  12. I also read that they are not married yet.
  13. I think they make a much better couple than Brangelina.
  14. [​IMG]


    she is always cute i like her!her styles not bad.what do you think about her????
  15. Hm. I dont know, I havent seen that much of her to know if I'm a fan or not. She is very cute in that first photo though! I'm jealous of her legs (and her hot husband, lol).