michelle williams&heath ledger split

  1. according to us weekly,they have split,after being together since 2005.the couple,who have an adorable daugther,matilda,but never married,have been broken up for a few weeks now.:wtf::wtf:
  2. what a shame, I always thought they would last
  3. i thought they woudltooo... curse of the hollywood couple
  4. Kind of surprised by that news.
  5. I heard about this. I want this to be a rumor cause I like them as a couple.
  6. awww man i hope thats not true :sad:
  7. First of all, I didn't know they weren't married....didn't they wear rings???

    Second of all, that's sad if it's true.
  8. That is so sad... just sad.
  9. sad sad sad
  10. No way! I loved these two together!
  11. ITA
  12. I also hope it's not true. . .
    but to honest, and I hate to admit this, it seemed too much too fast.
    To me, seemed like he and Naomi had just had a very public breakup and long relationship when it seemed like Michelle got pregnant. I was sort of surprised they made it through her pregnancy:shrugs:
  13. From TMZ.com:

    Ledger and Williams: "I Can Quit You"

    [​IMG]The romance is over between "Brokeback Mountain" stars Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger. The blonde bohemians, who live in Brooklyn and have a 23-month-old daughter named Mathilda, "quietly and amicably split a few weeks ago," according to Us.

    A source said, "The relationship had been rocky recently. They tried very hard to make it work but finally decided to separate. They just grew apart. ... They have a beautiful daughter and they are both committed to being great parents."

    Previously, Ledger had been linked to Aussie hottie (and much older woman) Naomi Watts.
  14. Too bad, that is a shame.
  15. That's really sad. I always liked them and thought they were such a great couple.