Michelle watches

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  1. Hello! Does anyone here own a Michelle watch? How do you like it? Is it a good 'investment' watch (ie does it hold up well, etc)?

  2. I have one. I love it..I think it's an awesome investment and it's so beautiful and holds up perfectly. Mine is hot pink crocodile strap and the watch is round with white diamonds all around the egde. i get a lot of compliments and it's an all around wonderful watch. my mom has one too, its all in rose gold with diamonds and is stunning, i wanna steal it from her. lol :nuts:
  3. I strongly suggest buying a Michele watch. I love the versatility of changing the watch bands, they have a wide selection of colors and textures. You will def get loads of compliments on it, too. They are also very classic and I think will last you years and years because of that.

    I have the CSX Diamond.
  4. Thanks ladies!!

    I am thinking of getting the Deco one...I like the one with diamonds, but I am going to be a paralegal and feel that it might be too 'flashy' for a conservative law office, so I am thinking of getting the Deco without the diamonds.

    Ugh its killing me to wait...I am making myself choose between it or one of the new LV mini lin speedy that comes out Feb. 1...wahhhh I want both!! LOL
  5. I have one - CSX 33 Chronograph without diamonds with a steel bracelet. I'm one of those "strange" women who don't particularly like diamonds, so the watch is perfect. I love how versatile it is and the availability of the bands.
  6. I have the petite coquette, but the crystal cracked for no apparent reason. I only had it for three months when this happened. Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover the crystal. I still need to get it fixed! Even so, is a very cute watch and I love being able to change the bands.
  7. I have the DECO and I love it! I really want to get a leather band though...just need to figure out what color to get?
  8. Where did you get your Michele watches and how much did you pay for them? below retail? Thanks. I need an everyday watch. My bf got me a very beautiful watch and its too expensive and dangerous to wear it around everyday and to school. I know Michele watches are around 1k is that right? a bit more or a bit less?
  9. ^the one I want is $400 for the actual watch face and like $200 for the stainless steel band.

    The one just like mine but with diamonds on the face is like 1300.

    The best website to go to is michele.com

    They are such pretty watches!
  10. ^ thanks!! Any other info is appreciated!
  11. I went to a benefit dinner Tom Hanks was hosting last year and the Michelles watches were one of the party favors for everyone. We got his(black)and hers(pink). My kids didn't want them so I gave to my nephew and his fiance. They were very nice watches.
  12. I love my michelle watch and I've had it for almost 2 years. I bought mine when we were in Chicago at Bloomindales, they were having a special so I got a % off!!! It was great and I've never been lucky enough to catch them on sale again.
  13. ^^ Thanks for that, do you know if the watches are new or are they refurbished?
  14. **Update!!

    OK my SO ordered my Michele Deco Watch last night from Tourneau...it will be here tomorrow and I am picking it up on Sunday!!

    I am so excited!! :smile: