Michelle Vale--Who likes her bags?

  1. In love with her bags!!!

    I love my Travesti (Midnite Blue) ... Want to get the Entrechat in Black that Kate Bosworth was photographed with too (when I have saved up enough)!
  2. I recently got the black Travesti and love it... I was at a Surface magazine party this weekend in Tribeca and met someone who had a beautiful Arabesque bag with Ostrich trim... I had seen it on the website.. but it is sooo gorgeous in person.. I couldn't get my eyes off of it .. it was the perfect shade of purple.
  3. I love her bags. I purchased the Travesti a while back and bought the Entrechat just a few weeks ago when Katpahileo had a 25% off promotion. I really like the leather on these bags. For the price, I think I actually enjoy this bag more than I would a pricier bag (even though this is the most expensive bag I own so this is just an assumption from seeing other bags at stores). I wish I could describe the quality of these bags in terms that would give you a good description but I don't know what everyone else thinks of as quality so its hard to describe.
  4. SonOz - Just saw your Travesti in the outfit thread, and I am officially obsessed with that bag! I wish Kataphileo had the midnight blue or black! They're a bit more expensive on the Michelle Vale site. Anyone know other retailers that carry her bags? I was going to treat myself to a couple of mid-range bags, but now want to go for the Travesti. The leather looks yummy! First the Travesti then one of the clutches!
  5. I would be surprised if she is not sold somewhere in D.C.... I remember reading about her in Daily Candy D.C. back in the summer (http://www.dailycandy.com/washington_dc/article/31915/Transformers). I have seen them at a bunch of high end boutiques here in NYC... Blue and Cream is one and "Butterflies and Zebras and Moonbeams" is another. If you can't find them in Washington, I would call one of the New York stores and see if they can throw in the shipping.. I think they may be better priced, but don't know how much the shipping might be.
  6. SurlyGirl, I absolutely love my Travesti and the leather is really nice. Good luck finding one!
  7. I just wanted to add quickly. SurlyGirl, if you are perhaps interested in the caramel Travesti instead of one in black or blue, Kataphileo sent out emails about a sale today only. You can check out more details about it in the deals and steals but the jist is they will put items on sale for 2 hrs only picked randomly today. Anyway, the Michelle Vale bags will also go on sale for 40% off. http://kataphileo.com/browse.php?designerid=11
  8. Thanks for the info, SonOz! I will keep my eye on that today. That would be a great deal, and your caramel Travesti looks so good! I was also thinking of getting a Tombe bag which kataphileo does have in black. Anyone have a Tombe bag? I am trying to get an idea for size since none of the sites have any modeling pics of these bags.