MICHELLE VALE! New handbag designer

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  1. I just discovered this fantastic new handbag line made in NY. Its super luxury and really interesting designs. Wanted to share with everyone. Check it out!
  2. The leather looks nice, but the designs aren't really looking like they're for everyday use (kinda fussy). Good colors though.
  3. Not digging those really TBH
  4. The Travesti really works for everyday. Its super soft and smushy and roomy. PLus it has great outside pockets for easy access. And they all come with silver OR gold hardware so that you can change it.
    I am thinking about getting one.
  5. They are kind of cute IMO.
  6. The Travesti is kinda cute, but not for that price IMO. It's all about what you like though!
  7. I have the Travesti and I love it. The leather is great and I use it everyday. I have received a lot of compliments on it because it looks different than every other handbag the way it sits and whatnot. I actually just ordered the Entrechat off www.kataphileo.com (the one Kate Bosworth was carrying)...right now they have 25% off (code KATA25).
  8. Here is a picture of me with the bag. The color is slightly off in the picture. I can never figure out how to adjust these things properly. I took the handles off of the top of it because I don't use them that much but you can keep the handles on and carry it over your arm if you want.
    travesti.jpg Travesti3.jpg
  9. I really like this clutch but I can't get past the description: "Available in plum metallic with ostrich leg"....sounds like a restaurant menu! Eek

  10. I think these bags are the next big thing! I bought my first one earlier this month (a Travesit bag) after seeing it on Kate Bosworth's arm. The detail on the bag is amazing.. up there with my Prada and Burberry bags... I am amazed I had not heard of her until a few weeks ago!!

    My friend at FIT told me that she is having a trunk show on Saturday at Blue & Cream on the lower east side this weekend (Bowery and 1st).
    kate_michelle_vale_bag_oz.jpg bosworthpic.jpg KateMV.jpg
  11. Thanks for the info Shelby! Definitely will check that out... I read in page 6 last week that Blue & Cream is one of Cameron Diaz's favorite boutiques! I have been to the one in the Hamptons but haven't checked out the new one in the city.
  12. I like the design of the Travesti... but the prices are a bit nuts for an up-and-coming desinger, IMO.
  13. I wouldn't say she is "up and coming" anymore. Everyone in NYC is talking about her and I have seen her bag on numerous celebrities so far including Cameron Diaz. She is hosting a trunk show at Blue & Cream today, which is one of New York's hottest boutiques...
  14. Shelby post pictures of your travesti!! I love a handbag that is different than everyone else's.
  15. Here they are! My friend took these when I first got the bag.
    DSC_0189.jpg DSC_0191.jpg DSC_0192.jpg