Michelle Vale Handbags - Free Clutch Contest

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  1. I entered this a couple of weeks ago... It is a campaign to attract people to their new corporate Facebook page... easy to sign up and (hopefully win)!

    ************ENTER TO WIN A MICHELLE VALE CLUTCH***********

    Michelle Vale is offering its friends and family the unique opportunity to win a Arabesque clutch from our collection. Simply join our Facebook Corporate Page and email us at info@michellevale.com with the subject line "Facebook Contest". Your message will count as a ballot. At 6pm On February 14th, 2009 all submitted ballots will be entered and the winner will be drawn and notified via Facebook. The winner will be able to choose an Arabesque clutch in the color of their choice. Only persons registered on the Michelle Vale Corporate Facebook page are eligible.
    (- one ballot will be entered per individual - this contest closes at 5pm on February 14th, 2009)http://www.michellevale.com/

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  2. Guess what!! I won this contest!! I just received notice. I had my choice of the black or caramel Arabesque clutch. I chose the black. I cannot wait to get it :tup:

    OP thank you so much for posting!!

  3. Finzup...please post pictures when you get it and let us know how you like it! Kataphileo has the Arabesque in the Black and Caramel on sale for $330. MV has them for $550 on their site. I have the Travesti and I absolutely LOVE the leather. Congrats!!
  4. So jealous! Congratulations, finzup!
  5. Sorry it took so long to post photos! Here are some snapshots of my bag that I won -- I LOVE it.

    It's the arabesque clutch in black.. it comes with 2 chains - one silver and one gold, plus it can be worn handheld, so it's really 3 bags in one. The chains come in a cute leather pouch. The lining is a soft, beautiful suede.

    Here's a picture of how the bag arrived -

    Here's a picture of the bag with both the gold and silver straps -- both match it really well

    And here's a shot of it hanging (gold chain)
  6. ^OMG...that is just beautiful, i'm jealous! wish i saw this earlier...you totally deserve it, enjoy!
  7. you are lucky