Michelle Trachtenburg visits the Waverly Inn with Marc Jacobs, 2008-03-30

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Who is she? She looks so familiar to me!
  3. I believe she was on Buffy.
  4. Why were they there? Too bad it looks like she isnt carrying one of his bags ;)
  5. Marc doesn't look very well or happy in those pics. Wonder what happened?
  6. She just keeps getting prettier and prettier! I LOVE her clothes too! :girlsigh:
  7. She's pretty, but I have no idea who she is.
  8. Marc is quite the socialite isn't he?
  9. He really is! OT, but for a guy, he's sure petite.
  10. she used to play Buffy's little sister, and also Harriet in the "Harriet the Spy" movie, which was AWESOME btw!! hehe, I totally love kid's movies! And she's great, seems very down-to-earth and I like her style!
  11. i dun know here.. :confused1: but looks nice
  12. She was on Buffy and is joining the cast of GG, Gossip Girls.
  13. she also had a stint on six feet under.
  14. eurotrip!
  15. Dinner with Marc Jacobs at the Waverly inn, thats the life. she's so cute, looks younger than 22.