Michelle Trachtenberg stops for a take-out coffee while driving in LA (Nov. 19)

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  2. thanks for posting!
  3. her bag is really cute...and I like her sweater...kind of forgot about her a little bit, good to see her again!
  4. shes cute. what bag is that?
  5. I forgot about her to but I've always liked her - has she been in anything lately?
  6. ^ not anything recently I don't think...she kind of just dropped out
  7. Cute bag. Kind of reminds me of Chanel's Pocket in the City because of that clutch bag attached to the front.
  8. The last pic looks like somebody opened her door...hence the facial expression/reaction...
  9. it's a goldenbleu bag.....comes in a bunch of colors at Saks, it's super cute! I miss her on buffy!
  10. Wow does she ever have great skin!