Michelle Pfeiffer Sunglasses

  1. Anyone know who the designer is?

    MF sunglasses 2.jpg
  2. Wow she is stunning!!
  3. She's still as gorgy as ever!
  4. Sorry cannot help with the sunnies, but How old is she? She looks great.
  5. Always! She's what I consider a true timeless beauty.

    Don't know who makes the sunnies. Sorry
  6. She's fabulous.
  7. gah.. I would pay money to look like her at that age. Isn't she like in her mid-late 40's?
  8. would not work for me, but she looks great.
  9. gosh, sorry I cant help either Id ing the glasses, but damn, that woman looks incredible :biggrin:
  10. Don't know the sunglasses, but she's gorgeous.
  11. She's great.