Michelle Pfeiffer For Allure

  1. [​IMG]
  2. She looks great!
  3. She has always been one of the more beautiful people in Hollywood....love her and she's aged so gracefully!!
  4. Wow... look at those gorgeous eyes! How old is she now? She looks fantastic!
  5. I think she has to be at least 44-45, she looks HOT!
  6. I love the last pic...beautiful.
  7. She is one of my FAVES!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!:love:
  8. She looks FAB! I think she's gourgeous, especially for her age!
  9. I think she's gorgeous! But I don't like her a smuch sicne I heard her say, out loud, "I can be startlingly beautiful"

    what a snot!:yucky:
  10. She's one of the few who's aging beautifully. She's more gorgeous now than she was when she was younger! Not sure how that's possible but she sure is lucky! (or she has a great plastic surgeon with a subtle hand!)

    Her eyes are so striking.
  11. She looks beautiful! She's always been one of my favorite people. So low-key. I like that.
  12. She looks nice...but I suspect the photos had a fair amount of airbrushing~
  13. I agree with Swanky. I was very surprised and disappointed to read her comments in the Allure article.

  14. She still looks amazing!
  15. What's wrong with being able to admit that you think you're beautiful?? If someone puts themselves down we think "oh wow they're humble" but if someone says something nice about themselves we automatically say they're stuck up?

    All the power to her for being secure with herself!!