Michelle Obama wore Jimmy Choo!

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    Does anybody know which shoes Michelle Obama wore to the inaugaration? They were Jimmy Choo, I know that! Our new first Lady is starting off right...Jimmy Choo and Jason Wu!!!
  2. :tup: I don't know which ones they are but she has good taste! :yes: I never see low heels in the stores, almost all high and a few flat sandals. I would assume they are from a current collection.
  3. I don't think I noticed her shoes...What in the world is wrong with me????

    Are you all talking about the shoes she wore with that yellowish/goldish dress at the inauguaration or are we talking about some after inauguration festivity?
  4. Actually, I think we've come to the consensus that fashion threads about politicians are ok. Just don't start mentioning their ideologies, etc. or this thread will be closed.
  5. Thanks V...
  6. Here is the skinny on the shoes...

    From the LA Times: First Lady Michelle Obama wore Jimmy Choo’s “Glacier” kitten heel in a deep green to complement her cheerful yellow Isabel Toledo ensemble. The pumps, which matched her olive green leather gloves, were purchased at Chicago boutique Ikram and are from the Jimmy Choo Autumn/Winter 2008 collection.

    Here they are:
  7. nice shoes! can't say i loved them with the dress though :shame:sad:i think i don't love that dress at all)
  8. She also wore Choos with her white ball gown. This lady has style!!!
  9. I would love to see a pic of the ball shoes. I can't find any
  10. I saw them on one of those ET shows last night. They were strappy and either white or silver...maybe a house shoe like Juliet or Jag?
  11. I can't believe that she stayed in any shoe, all day and walking! I hope they were comfortable. I like that they were kitten heels.
  12. I love Jimmy Choo, but sorry I think the First Lady should be wearing shoes form an American designer.
  13. If this thread gets political, I'll be required to close it. That will make me very sad. :sad:
  14. There are very few "American" designers to choose from, and I don't think she should have to be restricted in that way. Besides, Jimmy Choo has offices here in the States so I don't see the problem! She looked great and the shoes are gorgeous.
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    I understand your point. But many American designers outsource their items for manufacturing to China so IDK that it matters (Re:Tory Burch, Juicy, etc...) Anyway, those are beautiful shoes!

    Hopefully my response isn't considered political, opps.