Michelle Kwan Out of Olympics

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  1. :amazed: :sad: Wow, I feel bad for her. What a disappointment!
  2. eeek, how sad for her, but you have to admit, it didn't really seem like she was going to do well.
  3. I haven't been following...WHY DID SHE DROP OUT?!
  4. That is really sad... I know all about injury.
  5. Groin injury, she fell.. twice.
  6. wow...that is really ashame..I hope she handles it as well as she can..hope it doesn't let her lose her faith or get depressed :sad:
  7. Feeling the same way . . .
    looked like this was going to happen before she got there to me.
  8. I feel sorry for the person that did not get to go because of Kwan, as well. Very sad situation.
  9. I tried to stay awake last night for that news broadcast. Thanks for posting the info. Hopefully her fill in will do well!
  10. Hughes is going. She just gotta catch a flight out, if that's possible with the weather and all.
  11. I feel so bad for her. She probably won't go to another Olympics so this was her last chance for a gold medal at the Olympics.
  12. How exciting for her! Can you imagine getting that phone call? It is very sad for Kwan, though.
  13. damn that sucks :sad: I wanted to see her skate this year.
  14. While I'm really sad for her and really wanted to see her win an Olympic gold, it was very unlikely that she would have done well. She should turn pro and be satisfied with her AMAZING career. 5 time world champion and 9 time national champion... she's definitely left her mark in figure skating forever. Sarah Hughes on the other hand... all she has is the Olympic gold, never won anything before that. To this day I can't believe she skated so well in her long at the Olympics 4 years ago. I really disliked her skating too, especially because she does flutzes! How crazy is it that the Hughes family will have 2 olympians in the family?