Michelle kwan and/or kristi yamaguchi

  1. has michelle kwan or kristi yamaguchi ever photographed with a lv handbag?
  2. I think I saw one with Michelle Kwan. Maybe in the celebrities thread?
  3. I haven't seen any. Only of Johnny Weir and a couple other skaters..... Why are you interested in seeing Michelle or Kristi with a LV if I may ask?
  4. ^^ i would like to know too
  5. There's a pic in the celeb thread of Kristie wearing LV.
  6. OMG!!! MICHELLE KWAN AND KRISTI YAMAGUCHI!!! (CAN YOU TELL I USED TO FIGURESKATE??!??? lol) I would LOVE to see a pic of michelle with a Louis Vuitton bag and then steal that pic lol!!!! omg.... ***hyperventilating***
  7. I would too. I love Michelle Kwan. My friend Lanie figure skates and I said jokingly one morning @ school, who wants to go see c list stars on ice, and she said, I DO! LOL
  8. Well, I remember some magazine interview where Michelle Kwan said she was obsessed about handbags and keeps on buying them...so I wouldn't be surprised if there are photos of her with lv
  9. i have an autographed picture of kristi yamaguchi. i wrote to her when i was little haha. she's so pretty :smile:

  10. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: ..... I can't compare:crybaby: I only have a PHOTOCOPY of michelle's lol. The closest I've ever been to reaching the that level is being trained (for ballet) by a man who also trained Aaron Lowe (?) and Megan Wing (Canadian dance couple) :biggrin:
  11. cecilia, its amazing that you skate! i tried skating (not even as a sport, just for fun) and i was on my butt instantly! lol
  12. hehe thanks! I love figure skating! I wouldn't have stopped if stuff didn't happen to my health.... (I had surgury on my right ankle cuz a cystic fibroma (?) started to grow, the other ankle was also retaining some type of nasty fluid, got blisters everywhere, bones on my feet started growing and distorting, kneecaps fractured....etc.)

    Anyway, I spent the last hour or so since my last post here looking up michelle's pix, and no luck:sad: .... I might be wrong but I vaguely recall her saying that she likes Dolce and Gabbana and Chanel........:confused1:
  13. ah same happened to me with competitive swimming. i just had too many injuries. i injured my knee in my jr. year of high school and i almost couldn't walk. that was the last straw.

    anyway back on topic: i wonder what kind of bag either of these lovely ladies would carry? the good ole speedy? or something more LE.
  14. michelle kwan does own a LV because she was at the LV in Ceasar's Palace Forum Shops when I received my first LV. not sure which one she purchased. just saw her carrying the bag out. that was a cherished moment!
  15. i :heart: michelle kwan