Michelle & Kristanna in love!

  1. Kristanna Loken doesn't want to keep quiet about her relationship with sexy star Michelle Rodriguez. Who would?

    By Michele Kort

    An Advocate.com exclusive posted November 14, 2006

    As we sat downstairs in her Los Angeles home, upcoming Advocate cover girl Kristanna Loken—the smoldering star of Terminator 3—found an adorable way of letting us know that she’s involved with her equally sexy BloodRayne costar Michelle Rodriguez.

    At first Loken, 27—who has a recurring role as lover of Shane (Katherine Moennig) on Showtime’s The L Word this season—affirmed that she’s in a relationship but wouldn’t specify the name or gender.

    Then we mentioned the tantalizing stories Loken has told in past interviews about getting tight with Rodriguez when they filmed BloodRayne in Romania. Here’s what happened next.

    What about all the stuff that was said about you and Michelle on the shoot?
    [Laughs, then takes a deep breath] There is the $64,000 question. Um…I don’t even know how to answer that.

    It seems like you both had a lot of fun partying.
    Uh-huh. [Smiles, doesn’t say anything]

    OK, your silence says volumes. [Both laugh]
    Just don’t look upstairs, OK?

    Ooh, OK. You don’t want me to print that?
    You can print it. [Laughs again] The very hot housekeeper. No, just joking.

    Rodriguez, 28, star of Girlfight, The Fast and the Furious, Blue Crush, and TV’s Lost, is filming in Seattle. Her representative declined to comment. The Advocate wishes these two vital young stars all the best.
  2. Aww.. that's so sweet ! I do hope that they have a happy relationship - the media seems to be on such an outing spree lately ?!
  3. :yucky: I can't stand Michelle R!
  4. she's sooo annoying. i'm happy that she's not in lost anymore.:yahoo:
  5. Yeah she annoys me and my husband too..we were so happy when she left lost :/ lol
  6. ew:sick:
  7. Why am I not shocked?
  8. Never heard of either one of them.
  9. lol I too dislike Michelle...she's always seemed like a big b*tch to me.

  10. I can't stand her either. Her drunk driving incidents & her attitude in general make me never want to see another show or film with her in it ever again.
  11. I like Michelle...didn't know she was a lesbian though.
  12. Just don't let Michelle do the driving!
  13. Aha! My gaydar was right about Michelle! I love all her movie characters. Sadly I think this will affect her movie roles.
  14. I actually like Michelle R. Yeah, she plays the *****y character typically, not sure if she is this way in rl. I didn't realize that Loken was that tall or Michelle was that short!
  15. ^I've actually never seen her act, I don't watch Lost, so I can't judge her based on her roles.
    I don't like her after seeing her in interviews. . . . when she's not playing a part.