Michelle and I are Mr. Winkle fans! Anyone else?

  1. I Love Him!!!!I came across him online a few years back ....HES SOOO CUTE>...my girlfriend has a pom that "kinda" resembles him...
  2. [​IMG]



  3. [​IMG]
  4. Yes! I've seen him before and adore him. His little tongue sticking out is precious.
  5. hahaha...LOVE him!!!! soooo cute!
  6. Im a huge Winkle fan I actually by a Winkle calendar every year. He is so unique and addorable:love: I love Winkle.
  7. loooooove mr, winkles~ he's adorable!
  8. I´m a huge fan, that dog is the cutest! My child will have everything Mr.Winkle whether he/she likes it or not:lol:
  9. I love Mr. Winkle. He's too adorable. His story is so interesting! I was totally thinking about starting a thread about him LOL.
  10. :heart: So cute it hurts! :love: Love that little darling!
  11. So darling......i love how he just loves to be groomed!

    And his poses..........:tender: :girlsigh:
  12. OMG I LOVE HIM!! I get his calender every year and have that book, What Is Mr. Winkle.
    I want him :lol:
    That's hilarious because I actually like the song that's in the video..I first heard it in "Pretty Woman" lol.
  13. I remember him from Sex and the City where Carrie opened for him at a book signing. Adorable. Why didn't I think of that!!
  14. OMG, he is priceless!!!!

    Honeslty, my dog is going to be small!!