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  1. I have a 5.5" wrist, and the Jetway ceramic was my "dream watch." I tried it on a hundred times at Nordies, and thought it I ever saw one at the fossil outlet, it was coming home with me! Well, when I did see ceramics, and tried them on side by side, I opted for the small brown ceramic tahitian and the white ceramic deco. I also swore I would never wear gold...and low and behold both watches I purchased had the diamonds and pushers in gold! So my point here is that it is so hard to tell what you will like until you try them on side by side. No matter which way you chose to go, these are beautiful watches. I need a black one to round out my collection, and I'm hunting for the CSX ceramic now, and who knows what I will actually come home with...
  2. Nice watch Ellie! :woohoo:
  3. Beautiful! Love the colorful band.
  4. They are new on eBay
  5. Whats the discount like from retail? Grey market is typically 40-75% off.
  6. If you're unsure of authenticity, your best bet might be to try and find a Michele watch in the Fossil outlet. Quite a few ladies on here have found some great deals on Michele watches there.
  7. Ok. Thanks!!
  8. Is this still going on this weekend? Have a fossil outlet 15 mins away :smile:
  9. There are a few Michele watches on hautelook right now.
  10. I have a tahitian jelly in black carousel, does the bigger center second hand should move all the time? it stops on it's own, then I had to push the top button to make it move. I called Michele CS and the lady said it should move all the time... she said to push the button and wait on it a few more days, if it stops again, then I got a defective one and return it... What should I do? do I have to push the button all the time?
  11. My response to the same type of question, angel, is quoted above. On both of my Micheles, the Urban and the Tahitian, the large "second hand" should not move all the time. HTH! On my Tahitian it is the small round dial at the bottom that is the second hand.
  12. Anyone have a releve? I'm contemplating getting the rose gold and would love to see some modeling pics! TIA!
  13. I just wanted to post that although I was reluctant at first I purchased a Michele caber black dial mother of pearl sight unseen and I will say it did not disappoint. The sales associated was very patient with me with choosing a leather band to compliment the black dial. I will try to upload a pic but my final price including the band was $715.

    I called Michele and requested a rose gold buckle since the olive was silver and he told me no charge - even better.

    I have been wanting a sport sail but now I think I am in love.
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