Michele Watches

  1. Where in KOP? I've been searching for a deco w/ diamond markers forever and can't seem to find one at the price I want.
  2. Thanks so much I will try that! My boyfriend got it as a gift for me and he can never keep track of receipts so I will look into those!
  3. They did not have any tri-colors that I noticed.
  4. Good luck! They had jetways and tahitians in black with diamonds in gold or silver...and I'm fairly positive I saw a black deco w/diamonds in gold. They also had browns. I went in for what was my dream ceramic watch...I thought I wanted the jetway in silver with diamonds in black. In person, it was my least favorite (although still gorgeous). Funny how that stuff works! Their prices were certainly better than what I had seen at our local TJ Maxx, and they sized it for me.
  5. The Nordstrom Rack by the King of Prussia Mall.

  6. Thanks! I never go in there, now I definitely will!
  7. Today was the most awesome day ever! Today was my birthday plus I graduated from college. Those two things alone were certainly enough to make today memorable but then my mom iced the heck out that cake and bought me my first Michele watch...eek! I love it!

    I almost forgot I also got a promotion at work this week! I never want this feeling to go away. My face hurts from smiling so much.

  8. What an awesome day and gorgeous watch!
  9. Screen shot 2012-08-03 at 10.01.26 AM.png
  10. Do authentic Michele watches ever have "Swiss Made" on the face of the watch? The ones I've seen on legitimate websites have had "Swiss" or "Swiss Movement".
  11. So unique...I love it!
    Congrats on B-Day, graduation and promotion...what a day, indeed!!!
  12. "Do authentic Michele watches ever have "Swiss Made" on the face of the watch? The ones I've seen on legitimate websites have had "Swiss" or "Swiss Movement".

    I think it depends on when the watch was made. But yes, you can only put swiss made if it was made in switzerland... if only the technology was made in switzerland but it was assembled somewhere else, like China.. you have to put swiss movement by law.

    For example, Cartier and Rolex both say swiss made. Probably in past Michele was 100% made in Switzerland and that's why these older watches say that.
  13. I absolutely love it! Just the night before someone was asking what I was getting for graduation and I started rattling off things I'd asked for and at the last minute I said a Michele Watch but I didn't really think I'd get it. I keep an ongoing Amazon wish list and this watch along with a Birkin are on it. Things I didn't think I'd get but still...

    My mom said she almost just gave me money and then in the morning while driving to work it suddenly hit her to go find this watch. I had seen it at a jewelry store a few months before and had texted her a photo.

    She of course went above and beyond and bought the diamond wrist strap. Between the head and the stap it has 186 diamonds!

    I'm hoping to go to the fossil outlet in Leesburg because they sell Michelle and I would like a hot pink strap as well.
  14. I got mine at Watch Station International at the Orlando premium outlets for a great price. Hopefully you'll find the strap at the Fossil outlet! Maybe you should stop by there closer to Labor day since they usuallyl have big sales that weekend.
  15. Celebrate! My first Michele Urban mini with diamonds. I wish I knew how yo post a pic!