Michele Watches

  1. personally, i don't really like the phillip stein watches (IMHO) but their overall appeal, i think, is different. phillip stein advertises personal gain from wearing their watches, harnessing ur chi, etc. michele is more of a fashion statement watch. and i looked it up, michele was bought by the fossil company, but the orinignal owners still retain the main control over what the brand does. i haven't really seen too many people wearing phillip stein, but michele is everywhere - mom's and daughters alike seem to wear them
  2. I have gotten watches through eBay, but up to a certain limit....It is possible that a reputable seller would sell their watches.
    Especially now. Times are tough. I have sold a few and I don't buy fakes, but then I am not a dealer. Try Bloomingdales, Nordstroms Tourneau has a web site, also. I saw that watch in all gold and it is stunning. It's about a 36mm.
    At a certain level, I gamble, and I love watches. In general, I believe that if something is going be your main piece, go the AD route. Full warranty, etc. If you go outside of that, you will pay if you have problems. Of course, once a watch is out of warranty, you pay anyway.
  3. did anyone ever match their silver tone csx face with a two tone bracelet? would it look weird?
  4. Michele has come out with a new Deco style called "Day". Oe of my biggest complaints of Michele watches is that there are few styles that had the date and none that had the day... well, I have been appeased! I've asked for this one for my birthday:

  5. thats pretty neat. whats the price range...?

    i have the regular deco diamond.. and i never change the date.. its too much trouble..lol

    i also dont know how to use the chrongraph stuff...lol
  6. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, but you can often find Michele watches at TJ Maxx at their jewelry counter.

    Also, Fossil Outlet stores sell Michele watches. That's where I bought my diamond Marc Jacobs watch ($199).
  7. Same as reg deco w/diamonds $1450.
  8. I just called our closest outlet and they said they didn't carry Michele at Fossil outlets... Did you buy this at a combo store?? Was this recent? I wonder if the SA knows about other stores... :shrugs:
  9. Thank you to all of you who posted regarding the Michele watches. I just recently bought the Michele Deco with Diamonds for my 30th birthday on eBay and I know this watch pretty well....

    Of course I checked out the seller and he seemed legit and it was a jewelry store that was selling it; my concern now is that I am not sure if it's real. I took it to Nordstrom and the girl replaced my stainless strap because it was broken. Now most recently, I looked at the face of the watch and the glass is cracked. I did not hit it so noticeably hard that I could have cracked a sapphire crystal face. (I have a Baume and Mercier that I have knocked HARD and never did this to it!) So my concern is that I bought a fake!

    Can anyone shed some light on what I should do??! I think I should go to a retailer and see...HELP!
  10. Here's my Michele Mini Urban, which I love. I got it from Nordstrom and it's also on their website. I have a large (6 3/4) wrist.
    I am going to sell mine because I need to fund another purchase!

  11. Can you post pictures. I have had my michele deco diamond watch for almost 3 years and have literally slammed it into things and never broken a thing. I am really rough with my things.

  12. AWESOME!!!! ENJOY! :tup:
  13. YEY for Michele Watches. I actually love them more than the Rolex.

    I think there more popular in the U.S than here in the U.K though...
  14. Andrea, I am very shocked that the sapphire crystal is cracked. You would've had to whack it really hard to break it. I'd like to see pics of the watch.
  15. hi everyone, I am guessing this is the michele thread. I just got my michele watch and LOVE IT!! I was wondering when you buy the bands do you have to look to see if they go with your watch or are they all interchanged? Also, does anyone know what the difference in changing the leather and the bracelet band is? I will post a pic of my watch soon.