Michele Watches

  1. You guys I am in LOVE with this CSX diamond two-tone:


    I should not even be thinking about this as I'm in between jobs right now...I could keep her as a reward until I find something...right? Or get her right now, LOL. I love the two-tone.
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  2. oooh, they have been faked. i know someone who has one.

  3. OMG!!!!! this is the watch I want!!! i really love it!! :drool:
  4. I'm not the OP, but want to bump this up to see others pics! LOVE THESE THINGS! I want one now.
  5. If you happen to absolutely love this watch, but you're poor, a few years ago Avon came out with one that is almost identical to this.

    While I can't recommend eBay to anyone anymore, I can say that I have seen that particular Avon watch on there pretty frequently, and as Yoanna House wisely reminds us -
    "There's always a look for less!" :p
  6. is the 36mm really big? i have super thin wrists :sad:
  7. what is the size of your watch? it's so hot! is it 33mm or 36mm? :tup:
  8. im almost positive its a 36mm.
    seems too big on her wrist to be a 33.

    :wlae: anyway i really like the deco the best from Michele, i was looking at some of their men's watches but i opted for a philip stein
  9. i imagine they have been faked.

    i once was sold A FAKE LIVESTRONG BAND.

    can you believe that crap?!!! the thing was worth a DOLLAR AT THE STORE! :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:
  10. I have seen a few Michele fakes but they are not done as much as Rolex and other popular brands. Most of the time on ebay they are real. You can also find a good selection of straps on ebay for a REALLY good price. I love Michele watches and I would recomend it 100%!!
  11. i was looking at philip stein too! the ones with diamonds are soo lovely :yes:
  12. if u have super thin wrists, check out the mini series...if u want more of an oversized look, go for the regular. i just bought the deco XL, but i don't have tiny wrists, and i love oversized watches!
    IMG_2335.jpg IMG_2331.jpg
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  13. when i think of michele watches i think of philip stein i think theyre so similiar in price range, use of materials and style wise.

    what are the differences really> and which one is more popular?
  14. ^i guess michelle is from same company that makes fossil watches:confused1:
  15. i really love the mini urban. i think it is a great style for a small wrist!