Michele Watches


Purse Slut
Dec 14, 2006
Western NY
I also love Michele watches! Bought my first one from ashford.com (which recently did some deal with ice.com and I think it stinks, now.) It was the big CSX, 3-dial model. Pale blue face, silver link band. BUT! I just recently found an MW2 at TJMAXX for a steal! It is a big, curved rectangle with a white sunray face and silver Roman numerals, tipped with two rows of tiny diamonds. Mine has a black rubber strap. I'm going to try to put a pic of it here...


Aug 14, 2006
I have an Urban square, a mini urban and a coquette - all by Michele. The Urban Square is very chunky and big and kinda heavy - but very cute on and is a great watch for making a fashion statement. The Urban mini is best for when I want my watch to not stand out so much and the coquette is for when my outfits call for a more delicate piece. I consider all three sizes necessary. : )

Anyway, they are my favorite watches because I love how easy it is to change the bands. I only wish Michele had cuter options in SS bands.
Jun 26, 2006
I have had my CSX diamond watch for 3 years now and still love it. I feel it is a classic watch & not just trendy as can change the bands to coordinate it with your wardrobe & dress it up/down based on the wide variety of bands available. The bands range from $50 for vernis patent leather straps up to $200 for stainless steel and can be easily changed. I have about 10 band- will try to post pics of these later.

On another note I also have the MW2 diamond watch which I just received about two months ago and while I adore this watch it was made in limited quantities and is very hard to locate to size 20mm bands for this watch.



Jan 26, 2006
I have a Michele CSX that I have owned for four years. I am in the process of selling it but I can attest to them being wonderful and stylish. I also agree that changing the leather and grosgrain bands is easy, however, I have a harder time changing to the stainless stell bracelet. I can do it, but it takes a few minutes whereas the other bands take seconds once you get the hang of it.


I also have the Michele Deco! With the diamonds though...it's a classy kind of bling, rather than in your face :heart: