Michele watches

  1. Does anyone know of any legitimate sites that sell discount Michele watches? I've found a few but they look a little suspect to me. Has anyone purchased from a site, and if so, which one? I found some Micheles at my local Last Call and Off Fifth but they didn't have any styles I want- I'm looking for the Michele Deco (non-diamond) or Mini Urban (non-diamond). TIA!
  2. Sorry cant help you with that. But nordstorm is having 50% sale on all michele watch bands. Maybe they also have a good discount for the watches??
  3. I was at Nordstrom during the sale but unfortunately none of the Michele watches were on sale. I was tempted to buy a few of the bands then I remembered I need the watch first! Thanks though!

    Here are the sites I found that I'm iffy on:

    Legit or not?
  4. Jomashop is legit but you only have a 1-year warranty and cannot get it serviced by Michelle. It shouldn't be an issue since it's a quartz. All you really need for service will be a battery change and polishing.

    I've seen Michelle on sale at my Neiman Marcus Last Call store.
  5. I was dissapointed Nordstrom didn't have any of them on sale too. I ended up getting an IKE watch.

  6. Thanks for your help! I just noticed Jomashop is sold out of the Deco non-diamond watch so I might have to wait a while.

    My Last Call store had some Micheles too- but only the MW2, Coquette Diamond, and the CSX with only 3 numbers- none of which interested me. They were even on sale an extra 30% off the already discounted price! So frustrating!
  7. Try calling around to other Last Calls in other states - you may luck out!

  8. Great idea! I'll call around tomorrow. Thanks!
  9. No, sorry. I purchased my Deco non-diamond from Saks. I wish I had a discount.