Michele watches...your thoughts??

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  1. Ive been noticing alot of ladies wearing them...especially the ceramic white with diamonds....

    The price is fairly up there, and Ive never really heard of them before. What are your thoughts about them? Are they a good quality watches? Do you own one? Any history behind them?
  2. Well, I just took the plunge this summer and got me a CSX diamond two-tone:


    Here's a background blurb! http://www.michele.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StaticView?langId=-1&storeId=12051&catalogId=10051&page=aboutus

    I think the quality is amazing. OK, the price was eye popping as I have always been one to wear $100 watches at most. Hmmm, kinda like how I used to be when I didn't think I needed higher end bags too. I credit my now ex BF for introducing me into the world of fine watches...he got me a gorgeous silver raymond weil tank watch for Christmas.

    One thing Michele watches promotes is the ability to easily change the straps so you can get different looks from the same watch. That is honestly not a priority for me; I just want a couple simple, fabulous things I can wear every day and know they look good with minimal fuss.
  3. Oooo, thanks so much pursegirl....

    Your watch is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im gonna check them out some more....thanks again!!!!
  4. Enjoy! You might try a Michele search in this subforum (try both 'michele' and 'michelle' just in case) as there are a few pics and reviews in here which you might find helpful!! XXXXOO
  5. ^^ Thanks again, I'll do that and see if I can get to see some more lovely pics and info!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I brought my Omega Constellation to Tourneau to be serviced yesterday and since it's being sent to the company so the bracelet can be refinished (I won't have it back for a few months), I decided to look at other watches while there.

    I had been considering a Michele watch and when I tried on the new Mini Deco I had to have it. It's really pretty and I love that the straps are changeable. I'm attaching a picture of the one I bought. :smile:
  7. Thats a lovely piece!!!! So clean and classy!!!!
  8. I have the Deco Diamond and I love it.
    I love that the bands are interchangeable and you can use one watch that goes from casusal (denim/rubber bands) to dressy (patent/croc/lizard)

    Mine is going on 3 years old and I've never had issue with it.
    I couldn't say enough good things about this watch

    I wear mine everyday.

    Here's a pic
  9. I just bought the Deco Cadet and I am totally in love with this watch: (http://www.michele.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?BC=Y&catalogId=10051&storeId=12051&categoryId=10950&langId=-1&identifier=S-Michele.Womens.Watches&identifier2=S-Michele.Womens.Watches.Deco&identifier3=S-Michele.Womens.Watches.Deco.Cadet&view=subcategory)

    I have a small wrist and the Cadet fits perfectly on me. Like the others, I love that I can switch out the band to change up the look of the watch. I've been really happy with mine and very glad I made the decision to go ahead with the purchase.
  10. ^^ Lovely watches!!!!^^^^

    The clean look and nice lines would be great for everyday, even with the diamonds, they seem so classy...but the price seems a bit harsh for me, considering that its not a watch maker with significant history behind them.

    Im so torn, its my 2nd watch purchase ever and having a difficult time deciding!!!
  11. I have the same watch and just love it and get soooo many compliments on it!:tup:
  12. ^^ oooo that's a beauty alright! So stunning with your wedding set too!
  13. Ooohhh! I ijust bought the same exact watch this summer! I like the fact that I can wear it w/ gold or silver jewelry.