Michele watches: where's the cheapest place online to buy?

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  1. trying to decide on buying a michele watch, where's the best place to get a deal online. i remember there was a good website...but forgot the name.please suggestg some...thx
  2. I actually just purchased a Michele watch from a store in my mall called 'Tourneau'.

    I'm sure there were places I could get it cheaper, but I wanted to buy an additional warranty.

    It came out to like $760.
  3. i am going to get the deco diamond with stainless steel bracelet and did a lot of searching online. the best price is at JOMASHOP.com ; Cartier, TAG Heuer, Omega Watch, omega watches, movado, movado watch, movado watches, cartier watches, cartier watch, swarovski crystal, coach bag, timex watches, mont blanc pen, tag heuer watches, discount watches. right now it is sold out but they told me to keep checking. it takes forever to get through on their 800 and or direct line. they did answer my email on availability. i checked out their rep. on a watch forum and they received very good feedback.
  4. i dont know where to buy online, i got mine at bloomies. They had an exclusive mini diamond deco, that I fell in love with. This seriously is the best watch ever!

    i have several colored bands (such as one in pic), but never wear them since I got the silver band!
  5. I bought an authentic used CSX Diamond with a black band on eBay. The band made it look really used, so I got it for a good price. I spent another $100 on eBay for a new Michele SS bracelet band. All together, a new-looking watch for under $500! I love it so much--hands down, my favorite.