Michele Watch

  1. I cant remember if i asked this before but does anyone here own a Michele watch and how do you like it?

    Does it hold up well over time? B-cus if I buy one it will be my everyday watch for a looong time :biggrin:

    I have been looking at one for a while now and the other day I saw a new style that was GORGEOUS. But it was super huge.

    Just seeing what anyone else thik of Michele.
  2. I don't own one but I've seen plenty I've liked!
  3. Yeah I had one and loved it to death. It was sooo cute. But it did not hold up well at all. The "12" on my watch dial got crooked one day, like it became unglued a little bit. WTH?? I bought it myself so it was totally authentic. Oh well maybe I got an unlucky one. Wouldn't buy one again personally after that though!
  4. Hmm. That's what I was curious about.
    I wonder what the warranty is liek on a watch. i've never had anything happen to any of mine. I've had my Bulova forever. no probs. I also have a coach watch with a diamond bezel and no probs with that either.

    The Michele that I want is the square one with the diamond bezel and silver link. Its an older style but I think its a classic michele. It costs about $1300.

    But then the one I saw the other day--the new one, is a funny dome shape and it's huge. it cost over $2000.

    Why do I always like the most expensive things? I hate that. :wacko: I've been giving my BF the puppy dog eyes but I don't think he'll buy me the new one for over $2000, the $1300 one maybe.

    I'll give an update if I get a surprise box...........................
  5. if only the puppy dog eyes worked for me.......my boyfriend seems immune :Push:

    i do think the michele watches are very cute tho i love the small all metal one with diamonds.....and the watches come with a 2 year warranty.....
  6. I'm only talking. he probably won't buy me either one. It used to work when I would complain about money and bills. But lately he's been known to ask -

    "If you're so broke then how do you keep buying all those purses?"

    Eh? :shame: What can I say to that? I'm busted.
    Hell, I'll just buy the darn watch myself if he won't get it. It'll just take me a while :lol:
  7. OMG, I swear by Bulova. I have had one forever and it has now become my everyday watch. That watch is indestructible!

    Just edited to say I have had my Bulova watch for 6 or 7 years!
  8. I can testify to that. My bulova has been through it all. I really love it. I have a tan line on my arm in the shape of it. I wear it every single day. I only switch to my coach if I remember but hardly ever.

    But I love the slight flashy but classiness of the Michele. If Bulove would ony come out with something a little less suttle (you know what I mean?) then I'd buy another one.

    I need just a bit more bling :P
  9. I've had a Michele Watch for about a year and a half now, and I love it! No problems whatsoever. I also being able to change the bands.
  10. I have the petite coquette and I LOVE it! I have had it for 2 years and get different straps to have fun! It is so versatile, and I have had no problems with it! Its a great watch!
  11. Thanks. I'm definitly getting a Michele.:biggrin:

    I think I'm going to out my Coach watch on the marketplace to help fund my new Michele watch purchase
  12. Do you mean the Deco? I love the Deco and CSX with diamonds, someday! :love:
  13. YEP!!!! That's it I think. Its square with diamonds.
  14. I have one bought it last Sept. at NM, fasionshow mall in Las vegas. Love it!
  15. I own three and have not had any problems with them at all! They're very sturdy because I've accidently banged them a few times (klutzy) and they've always worked. These are the ones that I've had no trouble with...and I love the fact that they have big faces (bad vision).