Michele Watch question

  1. I have a Michele watch I bought while in Chicago. I don't live near a Neiman Marcus or any other store that sells Michele. My watch needs a new battery -- do I have to send it in to Michele or NM to have it replaced? Or can I just take it to a watch repair place? Thanks!
  2. I don't think that you need to take it to NM or send it to Michele. When my Michele watch battery ran out, I just took it to a nice upscale jewelry store in my area to get it replaced. No problem at all. (Obviously, you want to avoid taking it to some cheesy watch repair kiosk in a mall or something...)
  3. I took my Michelle watch in to my local jeweler to get the battery changed.
    Only 7 bucks! :smile:
  4. Watch batteries can be changed anywhere although i suggest going to a store that has good/constant business. It's better to have it done by someone with lots of experience than just a person who decided to open up shop.