Michele watch 2 tone


sassy mama!
Apr 3, 2008
in a happy place!
With all the friends and families coming up, can anyone tell me what they think of this michele watch. The two tone. Do you think it looks nice?
It's 1345 Then theres the two tone with no diamonds and square face for 625, BUT I love diamonds.:yahoo:
I just dont want to spend that much on it though. Suggestions?


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Aug 20, 2006
I like the one on the left, however I'm not seeing any diamonds on it. Are there supposed to be diamonds on that one?
Jun 8, 2006
If you love diamonds, do you have to have it on a bracelet? Are the alligator strap models more affordable? Of course, if you really love the watch and will wear it to pieces, then I would bite the bullet and get it. The one on the left has diamonds on the bezel, right? Otherwise, you might try to spend getting others to try to take its place. You can never go wrong with a simple watch, however. They are almost always appropriate. Just some thoughts.