Michele Serein v. CPO Rolex

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  1. So, ever since I got a LOVE bracelet last year I've been wearing a lot of gold jewelry. I'm now in the market for a gold watch to wear with it. I love the Michele Serein and was all set to purchase it until I walked into Tourneau today and started trying on some Certified Pre-Owned Rolexes. The all gold were well above my price range, but the two tone ladies' jubilee was just a bit more than the Michele. The Michele is really large, but somehow feminine. And, I think it's fun to change the strap. But, a rolex is so classic. And, the one I tried on had the fluted bezel and a gold face, so despite being two tone--there was a lot of gold in it. I'm so confused!!! Any advice would be so appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. Rolex for sure. Or, Cartier. :graucho:
  3. These are two completely different choices. Isn't the Michele a quartz watch? The Rolex is automatic, of course. And the price difference is huge. Do you
    want an automatic? As a fashion watch only, the Michele surely will not retain value if you were to resell someday, unlike the Rolex.

    Tourneau is also known for being overpriced for Rolex secondhand, in case you aren't aware of that.
  4. To be honest, I didn't know that. Yikes. Well, the Michele retails for $2650 roughly but I found it on sale at jomashop for $1699. The ladies cop rolex I found today at Tourneau was $3600--and I remember when I bought a vintage Air King a few years ago they were negotiable. Hmmm... utterly confused.
  5. I would rather have the Rolex. I feel like its more of an investment piece. And the two tone rolexes are so beautiful! Can go with any color metal you wear too!
  6. My first suggestion would be a Cartier its my favorite then Rolex :smile: