Michele patent watch band in LV Pomme D'Amour color!

  1. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up...I ordered a patent leather watch band for my Michele Deco watch today that is the SAME EXACT color/shade/sparkle of the new LV Pomme D'Amour color!!

    I ordered it from Nordstroms...for some reason, I can't find the color shade on the Michele Watch website?!?!?

    I will post pics of it when I get it...I seriously could not BELIEVE my luck!! It is sooo pretty!:nuts:
  2. Ohh how much was it? i have a Michele watch too
  3. Cool Nicole, can you post a pic when you get it? Sounds pretty!
  4. I will def. post pics!!

    The price is only $50!! :smile:
  5. sounds pretty..pls post some pics when you get it..
  6. This one like the old red..can't wait to see pomme d'amour one

  7. Oh my!! You must tell me the name of that color band so I can also have it on my Michelle watch!! That would be so stunning! Can't wait to see pictures of your watch with this TDF color band!!!
  8. ^LOL I can't wait to see it either!!
  9. :heart: Michele watches! This is the only strap I could find that looked like the one Couturegrl was talking about. I saw it IRL the other day, its lovely.
  10. ^Thanks for posting the pic!! LOL I also bought the pearl iradescent (sp??) strap today...it looks like LV Pearl vernis!! :smile:
  11. Yes, please tell me the name of the color. Is it scarlet?
  12. Yes, I'd like to know the name too.

    I think I might get one :yes:
  13. oooh exciting! you can be all matching.
    $50 is a bit of a bargain too
  14. oh, i like that color!
  15. I should be getting the call today that it is in!! I will be sure to post pics and the exact name of the color!!! TDF!! :smile: