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  1. Hi all! I'm new to TPF so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but this seems to be a great place to pick up some knowledge on a recent purchase. I recently acquired a Michele CSX 36 with a diamond bezel and am a bit clueless about how to maintain it. I need to have some links removed/want to have it cleaned- should I only take it to an authorized Michele retailer or will any nicer jeweler do? I live in a major city so I shouldn't have trouble finding someone. Also, has anyone had any issue with losing diamonds out of theirs? Thanks in advance!
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  2. You should only take it to an authorized dealer. Or you can call Michele watch customer service and they will tell you where you can send your watch in to cleaning and I would only let Michelle watch company perform that service. I'm not sure about where you can go in order to get the links remove. But you can also ask Michele customer service that question also.
  3. If you have a Nordstrom close by, they will assist with removing links.
  4. I only said for her to call michele customer because I thought that she got the watch from somewhere other than nordstrom and plus I had a Nordstrom SA that told me that they do not remove links anymore( which I thought was a little strange) Thanks for the tips.
  5. If you can find an authorized dealer use them. It is the best way to maintain your watch and be sure that the parts remain original.

    They may charge a bit more but will give you peace of mind.
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  6. Great info on this thread. Thank you!
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