micheal kors shoes?

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  1. anyone tried them before? i saw a bunch at Nordstrom rack today for discounted price so i couldnt resist buying a pair=) it seemed comfy when i tried on, but not sure how the quality will be after walking in it... anyone had any experience with michael kors shoes?
  2. I have a pair of Michael Kors shoes and I love them. Very comfy.
  3. Oh, I have atleast 9 pairs of sandals,one pair boots, LOVE Micheal Kors.
  4. I have some Michael Kors. They seem to hold up really well.

    I love Nordstrom Rack:love: :love: :love:
  5. I didn't even know they sold them at Nordstrom Rack. How much cheaper is it? I'm going to need more Michael Kors shoes :biggrin:
  6. I purschased a pair for $49, three months ago.
  7. I have a pair of metallic pink tie-ups with wooden heel. So comfy!!!
  8. i just got my first pair. tan studded gladiator sandals and i love them. i got mine at a dsw for 55.
  9. All of Michael Kors things are good quality so you dont have to worry. Their actually worth the price.
  10. Michael Kors Makes Fabulous Shoes
  11. was it kors by michael kors or michael by michael kors? i LOVE kors by michael kors. i think the michael line is not at good quality.
  12. I have a couple pairs and they're not spectacularly comfortable, but not uncomfortable.
  13. I saw some Michael Kors heels in DSW a while back and I loved them. Too bad I couldnt get them at the time :[
  14. why? are you saying this bcuzz it's the cheaper line? have you actually owned anything in the "Michael" line or are you just assuming bcuzz it's more affordable that it's lesser quality? And all the shoes I've seen by him are part of the "KORS" line. "Michael" clothing is great quality.
  15. they have a bunch at the rack right now ...new shipment... pointy toe pumps, the fashionable types but not over the top.... some studded ones cute but still professional. for only about 60 bucks a pair! u all should check it out=)
    i went with a more conservative pair=) so far pretty comfy...