Michael Rome handbags?

  1. Anyone ever hear of him? They are showing some of his bags on HSN (I know, I know), right now.

    And there us a nice hobo there in a great blue, I am very tempted!
  2. I have two of his bags. Actually, they are the same bag, but two different colors. The bags are very durable, and well made. I have had mine for years, and they are holding up very well.
  3. Thanks michele! Oh-is the leather soft?
  4. Mine are not super soft, like squishy (but still very smooth and nice - good quality leather), but it may just be the type of bag/leather of the bag I bought.

    When I get home this evening, I will post the pics of my bags.
  5. HSN has really nice brands on there from time to time. Haley Bob sells his goods on there. I've purchased his shoes from HSN rather than at Macy's and saved a bundle. They've even had Chanel sunglasses in the past, but sold out very quickly.
  6. Whopps, just looked in my closet, and I forgot I have a purple one that I bought at Filenes Basement. The purple one is very soft. I have to take her out, I completely forgot I had the bag. Anyway, here are my Michael Rome handbags.

  7. ^^^^^^^^Okay, totally messed that up, and it's too big for me to fix/edit (Can't find the purple edit box).^^^^^^^^

  8. I have a Michael Rome handbag which definitely was not purchased on HSN but I can't recall where I got it ! It has a golden plate inside which reads "Michael Rome" Made In Italy. I might have picked it up about 10 years ago in NYC. I never used it and just found it today.

    It's not a satchel, more like a cross body but rigid form. It is embossed with raised designs of Italy..........a fleur de lis, a crest, and others. It's dark carmel brown, shoulder bag, with yellow topstitching.

    I just thought it was so different from what I've seen and read here for his bags.