MICHAEL Michael Kors platform pumps

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  1. I just got these recently and WOW:


    These are from Nordstrom and have a 4 1/2" heel (!) with a 3/4" platform. They run small. I just wanted to post and share how much these ROCK. Price is reasonable (about $139) for platforms which go in and out of style over time. I for one am glad theyre back! With my short legs, anything a little lengthening and not too delicate in the heel is best for me.

    I wore these with black slacks and a sweater yesterday to work, but I see them with a skirt and black tights too, woo hoo!

    They are going to take a little breaking in, as the platform makes the sole a lot stiffer than usual. But the rounded toe is great with my almost-C-width feet.

    Anyone else have these? Cheers! :wlae:
  2. oooooh! I love those! I may have to take a trip to Nordies today....
  3. I have these pumps too. =) I got them during Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
  4. I saw those in the new Lucky. They are gorgeous!
  5. Those are beautiful!! And they would add on the much needed 4 1/2 inches to my height. I really love them! Congrats!!
  6. Yes these do run small! I bought them on anniversary sale at Nordies in a 10 and they didn't fit! It's one of the only shoes that he's made that runs small. He's usually pretty true to size.
  7. Pursegrrl, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are adorable!
  8. E, did you exchange for a bigger size?
    I am so glad these run small, otherwise, size 5 would still be too big for me. =)
  9. They're very cute. I like them because KORS is not trying to copy the CL Bruges. I also tried these at the Nordstrom sale. I didn't mind the height, but they were too narrow for me in the toe box. I did try on a 1/2 size larger, but all that did was create a bunch of extra space behind my heel.

    Otherwise, I think those KORS pumps and these Stuart Weitzman pumps below are the cutest platforms on the market (aside from the over-copied Louboutins).
  10. ^^ nice pic, shoeangel!
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