~ MICHAEL Michael Kors Grayson Clubhouse ~

  1. Nice purse I have the leather vanilla grayson.
  2. bump for miss C .. Shoebaglady
  3. It is gorgeous!! I love the chain detailing on the long strap and 2 outer pockets....finally!!! Congrats!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  4. :ty: :ghi5:
  5. how much do you love your azur now ?? LOL
  6. Modeling Pics!

    Carrying as satchel

    Carrying as Long Shoulder vs. Crossbody
  7. Looks great on you!! Thanks for posting pics.
  8. My 2 MK Bags
  9. Not the best pic but here's my large brown Grayson with matching wallet (same size as LV Speedy 35)
    Love love love it but wish it had outside pockets like Restore724's does :cool:
    (I also have this set in vanilla but don't have a pic at the moment)
    Grayson with wallet brown.jpg
  10. Congrats on your beautiful sets. Both brown and vanilla are classics.
  11. More "MEDIUM" Grayson's. Four colors include additional strap
  12. I wish they would have had the add'l strap out when i bought my Grayson! But...i still love the bag and wear it often!
  13. Restore, You look Gorgeous with that bag! I love it on you! We are twins on your watch, I have been wearing mine all week.
    Now I have to get the bag so we could be twins on the MK Bag :biggrin:
    Thanks for posting modeling shots!
  14. OMG, MK watches are stunning and addicting. I only buy the ones that have swarovski crystals on them.

    Thanks, I love this MK Satchel. When I went grocery shopping it sure did help to use the crossbody/shoulder strap. :cool:
    Can't wait to see yours too!
  15. I was at the store the other day and saw the grayson in black. I have always wanted a speedy but right now paying that much is not an option. I love MK bags but dont own a grayson. I was wondering how well it holds its shape and does anyone know if the black will becoming out with a strap?