Michael Kors.

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  1. I found this Michael by Michael Kors dress in the March Lucky magazine. It is a white summer dress. I don't have a scanner, so I can't scan it for you girls. But if anyone has the magazine could you please look for it. They said it is in Dillards but I dont have a dillards store near me and it isn't online. Its on page 229.
  2. if the dress you're talking about is the one on the far left in this picture, then it's available at macy's for around $150
  3. Yep thats it. Which macy's did you find it in? Did you see it in person? How is the material?
  4. i've never seen it in person but according to newyorkmetro.com the main macy's has it
  5. Is that from the Michael Kors line or his "Michael" line? Thats a great dress. Off to see if the website has it........if so I'm ordering.
  6. Whats going on with the website???? Its not there.:sad2:
  7. I know :sad:. Its Michael by Michael Kors and its super cute and cheap to. I want to wear it with christian louboutin espadrilles. If you find it somewhere let me know , thanks!
  8. Wasn't this dress part of his more expensive line last summer? I could have sworn I saw a picture of Kate Bosworth wearing it with cowboy boots...
  9. There was a similiar dress, but I think the one that was part of the runway collection was longer.